Astronomers Measure Tiny Black Hole in Nearby Dwarf Galaxy - Wed 12 Jun 13:52 GMT

Scientists measured a small black hole in a nearby dwarf galaxy to better understand supermassive blackholes.

Astronomers Measure Tiny Black Hole in Nearby Dwarf Galaxy

  A team of scientists from the University of Michigan measured the mass of a small in a nearby dwarf galaxy, estimating the black hole to be around 40 times smaller than researchers had previously thought.

  Although astronomers believe that every galaxy the size of or larger than the Milky Way harbors at its center, researchers don't know a lot about the black holes of smaller galaxies — or whether black holes even exist in all galaxies.

  "Do these galaxies have black holes, and if they do, do they scale the same way as supermassive black holes?"

  By looking at these relatively small black holes, the scientists hope to get a better understanding of the supermassive black holes that occupy larger galaxies, the researchers said.

  In order to measure the mass of the black hole, the researchers used a technique referred to as , which measures the radiation thrown off by a rotating disk around a black hole.