Debris From the Satellite India Blew Up Still Polluting Orbit - Fri 9 Aug 16:20 GMT

A brutal preview of space warfare.

  Anti-Satellite In March, India shot down a satellite with a missile.

  “India is now a major space power,” declared Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the time, according to local news.

  But the event was an environmental catastrophe: debris created by the space explosion are still whipping around the Earth at thousands of miles per hour, putting spacecraft and other satellites in danger, according to The Verge — a four full months after the anti-missile test.

  “Based on the current decay rates of some of these higher orbit objects, I think there will be at least some debris up for another year,” U.S. Air Force public affairs officer Cody Chiles told The Verge.

  A Growing Problem In June, astronomers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics were still tracking some 41 debris objects out of 400 originally identified.

  They add even more debris to an already very polluted Earth orbit.

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