Elon Musk unveils his 120-foot-tall 'Tintin' Starship for the first time - Daily Mail
Daily Mail - Sat 12 Jan 06:19 GMT

Elon Musk unveils his 120-foot-tall 'Tintin' Starship for the first time - Daily Mail

The SpaceX founder shared the images of the prototype on Twitter being constructed in Texas. He says this spacecraft will perform vertical take-off and landing test flights.

  Elon Musk has revealed images of his fully-assembled 120-foot tall Starship hopper test rocket.

  SpaceX founder Musk shared the first real images of the prototype from its Texas launch site and reassured his followers it is 'not a rendering'.

  Reminds me of the rocket ship in Toy Story' One twitter user also said: 'I love SpaceX and their people are amazing but it does look like a Wallace and Gromit rocket but I'm sure it will be immense' The latest images provide a clearer view of the two components previewed by Musk at the end of last month, showing engineers in cherry-pickers at work on the nose cone and another large piece of the system.

  The progress comes as SpaceX ramps up work on the test hopper ahead of planned flights later this year Starship – previously known as BFR, Big Falcon Rocket, or the Big F***ing Rocket – is key to Musk's plans to send humans to Mars.

  The first crewed Red Planet mission for the rocket and 100-passenger Starship could come as early as the mid-2020s if development and testing go well, Musk has said Just last month, the SpaceX boss doubled down on his earlier claims that he would likely be among the interplanetary travellers who make the trip to Mars, despite there being a 'good chance' that he'll die there.