ISS astronaut shares surreal van Gogh-like view of Earth and stars - Thu 11 Jul 23:29 GMT

NASA's Christina Koch shares an enchanting image of the starry world outside the space station.

  Vincent van Gogh was onto something when he envisioned the landscape and the heavens pulled into taffy swirls of light.

  NASA astronaut Christina Koch shared her own artful view of a starry night with a composite image captured from the International Space Station.

  A composite of individual photos stacked on top of each other to show all the amazing things we see at night out our window," Koch tweeted on Wednesday.

  Koch has a lot of time to contemplate the wonders of orbiting Earth.

  We've seen some heart-stopping views from the ISS, including glowing auroras and dancing moonsets, but Koch's composite is a dynamic way to witness what the astronauts see.

  It captures time, light and movement in a single image.

  Van Gogh would have liked it.