SpaceX Mars City: Here’s How Much Elon Musk's Dream Would Cost - Mon 12 Aug 21:27 GMT

Elon Musk has placed a figure on the scheme that's out-of-this-world.

  How much would it cost to build a city on Mars?

  According to Elon Musk over the weekend, it could be the most expensive construction project in human history — and cost up to an eighth of the value of the entire global economy.

  The SpaceX CEO’s vision includes not only sending the first humans to Mars, but to use that mission as a starting point to build a permanent settlement.

  Assuming all goes to plan, Musk believes that a self-sustaining city could take shape as early as 2050.

  They could mutate and develop new physical attributes, they could find the city’s confines stifling and develop a national identity, and they could develop a new, ground-up economy.

  Musk has previously suggested SpaceX could offer a return ticket to Mars at around the same price point as the median house in the United States.

  That would run to around $200,000, with the logic that someone could sell their house and move to Mars.